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When it is well with your soul

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There are times in our lives when we are looking down from the mountain. It is in those times we need to bow our bodies and thank God for the blessings! He deserves all of us during bad or good times!!!

There was a time in the lives of Israel when they were hungry, and God provided. Then they would complain and God would sustain them as Moses would pray for intercession on their behalf. Then God would bless and provide again. They were so ungrateful that only those who were twenty years old and younger were the ones who went to the promised land. God is long suffering, but he deserves our praises not complaining!!!

So when things go well with your soul bow down low to worship him! Are things going well for you drop us a line to share!!!

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The Father's Traits

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We know that we possess our earthly father's traits. But have you thought about the traits that our heavenly Father possesses that should be ours as well? Galatians 5:22-23 tells us that He has perfect qualities and traits that we should desire to have them for ourselves. Think about it if someone is loving they will care about you because of you. When they are joyful they are a pleasure to be around. When they are patient with you then they won't dump you when your acting a little off. When they are kind to you or good to you, then you know you are safe in their presence. If they are faithful then you can trust them. If they are gentle then they won't be harsh or brash. And finally if they can control themselves then they keep themselves to a higher standard. These are His traits and they should be ours. When you strive to be like Him then we have no rules or laws that say we are too worldly. Strive to be like Him!!! 

Do you find it hard sometimes to walk the walk of your Father? Let us help you stay on track drop us a line and we promise to respond!!!


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