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Fit For The Kingdom

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If I was to ask you if you were fit for the kingdom, you'd probably look at me funny and say "of course I am, what kind of question is that"? Well what if I was to tell you that this question is more about your commitment, than your hearts condition. Would you still say yes?

Today's church has been asked this very thing according to The book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. He tells most of the Churches that he has somewhat against them because of their fitness for the kingdom. Listen to what he says to Ephesus return to your first works and repent. To Smyrna he says do not be afraid of persecution. To Pergamum he says repent of idolatry and sexual immorality that has crept in. He says to Thyatira to be sanctified and hold on to his promises. He says to Sardis wake up and fortify his teachings in their lives before they are too worldly and miss out on his return. He says to Philadelphia that they should keep holding on to what they have done in Christ and don't lose it. And to Laodicea, he says don't be as destitute as the rest of the world is;but become true disciples of him.

We can't be satisfied with the status quo when it comes to the kingdom. We must always be like Paul and press towards the mark of achievement for the King. We must be striving the furthering the kingdom of Christ. If not then we are not fit for the kingdom! Are you fit for the kingdom?

We'd love to hear from you please comment and we'll be glad to respond, with a word of encouragement!!!

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We Are The Body

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The Apostle Paul said that we are the Body of Christ. Being the Body of Christ we are many parts that make up the same body. We aren't separate parts of different bodies but the same body. If then we are the body of Christ he has complete control of the Body. We are to have the response to the commands given to us by Jesus our head. If he says move we are to move, if he says stay we stay. But how is this accomplished. By being hearers and doers of his word. Who are we to say I'm the ear and I refuse to partake?! This would be silly if our ear decided to do this. But, many people try doing their own thing. We excuse ourselves from participating the way Christ intends for us to do things. We throw tantrums when it doesn't make sense to do things a certain way. Remember there is one head, one body for that head, having the same Spirit in Christ Jesus!

Have you been hearing and then making application of whatsoever you have learned of him? Are his ways your ways by yielding to his Spirit? We want to hear from you and help you to grow in Christ Jesus, leave us a comment so that we may respond. 

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