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Oh We of Little Faith

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In today's world it is easy to find things that shake our faith and storms that seem to rock us to our core. Death of loved ones, loss of jobs, broken relationships, and even loneliness can cause our eyes to shift to our circumstances. But if we remember that Christ has the power to calm the storm and even his child, then he will do just that for us.

Consider the disciples as they were on the ship, Jesus was on board and napping below. Suddenly, a storm started and the tides began to rise. The disciples became afraid and anxious, they tried everything they could think of and finally woke up the Savior Jesus. First he spoke to them basically announcing the their faith was so small and then simultaneously calmed the storm as he disclaimed "Peace be still". The storm ceased, the tides became clam and so did their anxiety and worries. They spoke among them selves "who is this one that even the winds and waves obey his will".

We shouldn't be amazed that Jesus can work in the midst of our storms. We should be amazed that we didn't trust him sooner.

Are you facing a storm? Do the odds seem to overwhelm you? We'd love to here from you!!! Is there something you'd like to discuss, leave us a comment...... 

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Dynamite In Your Mouth

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James Chapter 3 verses 1-12 tells us that we have dynamite in our mouth. What does this mean you might ask?! We have been given the ability to communicate, which is what granted via himself at creation. With much that is given much is required with it. Albert Nobel was the inventor of a highly explosive material of what he called dynamite that he intended for good to serve mankind in the use of making travel possible to do what used to be impossible tasks; like boring holes in mountains in order to connect train tracks to make national travel possible. It wasn't long before persons used it to cause destruction to harm and kill people. So Albert Nobel knowing this came up with the Nobel peace prize for those who would work towards and uniting people in peace. James writes in this part of his epistle, that the tongue of man has the same power as Nobel's dynamite.

In verses 2-4 says our mouth Christian has the power to direct the rest of your life. To whom we give control of our tongues, to them we allow to direct our lives if we allow Jesus control of our tongue we are allowing him to direct us. James 1:26 says that a man can be a worthless Christian if the tongue is not controlled. 

Verses 5-8 says that it also has the power to do damage to our lives. One word, one phrase, one sentence can do much trouble. It only takes a spark to cause a wild fire. In the story of the great Chicago fire it all started with Mrs. O'Leary's cow knocking over a lamp that spread from house to house and building to building that burned out of control causing thousands of dollars and cost many lives. The President only has to say we're going to war and we begin counting the cost of lives and monies. And when we allow our tongue free range we allow Hell to add to the fire. The Devil knows whoever controls the bit controls the body. He also knows that it is deadly and how it is steered is whether or not we can control the poison in it (Romans 3:13).

Verses 9-12 says that the entire spiritual realm vie for the control because our tongues have the power to determine life. It has supernatural power that praises or curses. And whether we give control over (God or satan) means either life or death(Proverbs 18:21)

We must never forget that as we were created in the image of God, he gave us a mouth to speak. What we say has a great impact on others directly or in directly. Can you remember times when others said things about us or to us that were hurtful or devastating to you? How 'bout the other way around, have we ever said something to someone that we wished we could take back? What scripture helped turn that page for you? 

We all make mistakes but God gave us the ability to communicate to others for his good as well and that includes forgiveness.    


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