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Divine Parenting

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Animals under the right training can be loyal and obedient. When they are left to themselves they can be disobedient and wild. Children when left to fend for themselves raised under the guise of poor parenting without discipline, can be instinctively wild and unruly. It is only when guided and taught obedience do they behave with a sense of morals. 

God didn't want us to to be instinctively unruly like an animal. So he gave us his word to direct us and his Spirit to correct us and compel us to obedience. God being a gentleman, would never inflict his will to force us to obedience. However like a loving father he instructs his standard for us, then he woos us to do the right thing. We should be eternally grateful, but God understands our nature that sometimes we just need a gentle hand of guidance to move us in the right direction. We have a good, good Father!!!

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