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Something to think about: Prayer

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  In this time of Holy Week I would bring to the
attention of the church one of the less addressed issues that concerned
  It is often thought the reason Jesus cleansed the Temple was only about money.
I assure you it was not. The Jewish officials were guilty of excess profiteering when they exchanged currency
for the "approved' Temple currency. They were not honoring God's Word by selling only sacrifices they had preapproved for use in the Temple.
 The Church of today has a bad habit of dismissing the importance of what Jesus said because we, by and large,
think we have no traditions or customs like these.  Let us consider the real issue. This commerce and the attending noise and confusion was occurring in the outer court of the Temple-the only place Gentile converts to Judaism were allowed to
come and pray. Hence the words "Is it not written, "my house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer?"(Mark 11:17)
 I call upon the Church of today to examine itself and determine its own commitment to prayer. Are our altars always
open for prayer? How much of our worship services are devoted to prayer? Do we, by virtue of our customs and traditions, limit peoples ability to come to an altar and pray? Is our need to "take care of the business of the church" impeding the opportunity of others to pray?
 I can remember as a child attending what was called a midweek "prayer meeting" but the truth is prayer was what was done least at those meetings.
From the start of Jesus' ministry (John 2:13-17) to its end peoples ability to pray in His house was a  chief concern.
Something to consider.
Author:  Dr. Ralph Detillian  3/28/21
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Being Men of Courage

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1 Corinthians 16:13-14 " Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love."

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian Church to instruct them how Christ expects his people to conduct themselves by faith and in accordance to the scriptures. He was well aware of the persecution of the church globally as he himself once did himself. However, he was now someone that other believers in Jesus now looked up to since his conversion on the road to Damascus ( Romans chapter 9). Notice the language he uses; first he advises them be watchful. To be watchful refers to two things, firstly to be aware of the enemy as a guard on watch would do protecting those he is instructed to protect as a soldier would. lastly to be aware of the arriving commander in charge should he come forth. Next he instructs them stand firm in the faith: this entails a bit of backbone towards ones convictions as he states later to be of courage. Then he instructs them to act like men, Why because men by historic value have always been the protectors whether speaking of a flock or a family, this tendencies makes one available to wrestle the opponent (in this case principalities and powers of darkness) it was in those days the job of men to keep away predators. Next he instructs them to be strong, this is accomplished two ways: first in one accord (there is always safety in numbers) and secondly in the Lord Jesus; it is the only two ways Paul would describe to be strong. And last but certainly not least he says "do all you do in love" If we remember the commandment of Jesus this is a self sacrificing, unconditional, predominate love. We must always follow the example of the savior, He gave all expecting nothing in return knowing he was doing the will of the Father and exemplifying what we also should do for one another and for all mankind!!!   


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