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A Passion For Living

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As printed by Dwell Devotional August 12, 2014

People Who have a passion for living are extremely focused. They have a single-mindedness that is daunting to those who lack a clear purpose in life! In Numbers 13:30, notice how Caleb "stilled or Quieted the people. This implies that the spies report brought about a loud vocal reaction from the people. Although Caleb knew that the report of the other spies was true, he told the people to go up and take the land, knowing that with God's help they were able to overcome the strong people. He had great faith! This took nerve on caleb's part! While the people had a faithless attitude toward God and his Promises. Caleb refused to let them stay in their dispassionate unbelief. His life was centered on God. He believed that God would deliver them. Have you ever had to standing your beliefs, knowing that others thought you were irrational? It's not very easy to stay fixed in you beliefs when there's a crowd around you that is full of doubt. Stay determined in your trust in God and He will support you as He gives you comfort and peace. He did that for Caleb hundreds of years ago., and He will do it for you today. Caleb followed the Lord"fully" - wholeheartedly. He had a different spirit and God took notice and brought him into the land that he scouted-and not only that-his children would inherit this land. God rewarded him (Numbers 14:24). When I think of Caleb's  life, knowing that he had such a passion for life, knowing that he believed that God could do anything, I'm ashamed of my own jaded faith. Caleb makes me realize that I need to trust wholly in God, Believing that He will help me even when there might be "giants" to overcome (v.33). I don't have to think of myself as a "grasshopper" in this world; God himself will give me the strength to conquer whatever enormous obstacle I'm facing. And He will do the same for you. Try to be like Caleb; don't just follow the crowd- have a passion for living, and stay focused for the sake of Christ. Keep your heart, soul, and spirit centered on Him. He will help you. ~~~ Dwell devotional August 12, 2014

Never forget That God is a good, good Father and he has your back!!! 


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Are we Christian or do we play one on Television?

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Following is an excerpt from a post in the blog of Holly Pelz

…I’ve gone almost my whole life feeling like a failure of a Christian. I always understood my spiritual success to be measured by an unspoken set of rules, and if I did ABCD, I’d be considered a good Christian.

I knew everything about how to appear Godly- how to act, how to worship, pray, respond with “God” answers, etc. I wanted to fit in with the Christian community, but somehow never felt good enough. Eventually this false me took over completely and I lived in it fully, deceiving even myself at times.

In this existence, I always experienced a significant amount of spiritual envy. I looked at the people around me, wondering what the secret was, how they could be experiencing God so intimately. And I lived with fear. Fear that people might see right through me.

And now…I’m done. The façade of “everything being great, I’ve got it together, I’m a really spiritual person, etc” is exhausting. For the first time in my life, I believe I’m experiencing freedom in Christ, freedom from guilt and freedom in who I am. …My time with God might be a little unconventional, I might go through phases where I feel like an inconsistent mess, and I WILL make mistakes- but it’s okay. I’m okay. ~~~~ the blog of Holly Pelz

God is real and he expects us to be real. His very essence is to love and to be loved of our own will. We as profession of faith can't truly love if we are fake. The way we live, or the way we react, or when we do/ don't reach out to others we show appreciation/ or lack there of; of truly who God is and has done for us on calvary!!! 

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