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Releasing You From a Guilty Spirit

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We've all been there, we sin against God, and we repent; only to repeat the process. This leaves behind a deep sense of letting God down, thus we can never truly grasp that God favors us above all his creation and desires we love him above all our love for others. We fail to realize that He wants to continue the relationship in spite of our imperfections. 

That doesn't mean that sin is ok with God, especially unconfessed sin. He doesn't want us to throw up our hands and say "what's the use I know the deal why bother, God will just forgive me anyhow and I'm just gonna repeat it anyhow" How can God forgive us if we don't ask for it and repent of that sin. 

That being said, God still desires us above all things and wants us in favor with Him. He loves us! look at what the apostle Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 1:4 "For we know, brothers and sisters[b] loved by God, that he has chosen you," We don't have to feel hopeless and unloved. The Bible yes says that He Judges the just and the unjust, but his judgement is not without mercy. If we truly trust him with our lives than we even do ourselves. If we accept him as our choice and are in relationship with him like a wife chooses to follow her husband. We have to be in love with Jesus, even above "the sin that so easily besets us". Besets: is the act of stumbling over something or causes us to fail or fall in the way. 

If we truly want to go from a life of guilt and that lives the Jesus way or Spiritual Husband; then we need to surrender to him and allow what he did at Calvary cover us in his love and remove a guilt filled life to an understanding that God doesn't want to judge us, he wants to love on us and enrich us in that way that he loves us so that we turn away from our wicked ways and he can heal us towards him, because he truly loves us!!!  

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