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The Bible and Israel

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What is it about Israel that makes her the apple of God's eye? She is the very promise of God to Abraham. Israel was the promised child, a nation born out of that promise. The very God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the very root that blossomed to the nation. It is the only nation recognised by God because it was started by God. It is this tree that the Church was born. It birthed the Savior via a virgin Hebrew girl. Raised in a Hebrew household before His Hebrew earthly parents and His Heavenly Father. He had twelve plus Hebrew disciples that Helped begin and shape the Church. at no time did God chop down the tree. It is upon this tree (Israel) that we are blessed as we bless them not the other way around. It is when we curse the things/ matters of God that we are cursed (Genesis 12:2-3).

Why would we possibly think that the Church replaces Israel? God establishes things for the eternal when He makes a promise. We need to earnestly read His word from cover to cover to get what God has established. A Hebrew savior was God walking among the Hebrew people to save them if they would accept him. And just because Hebrew people rejected him then doesn't mean they always will, nor has he rejected his promise to them. Jesus will sit upon a Hebrew throne in a hebrew nation in its most coveted city, Its capital Jerusalem.  He will open the eastern gate that has been closed by man. And then shall all things be made right in the world!!! 

No God has not forsaken Israel, because He never forsakes His promises!!! 

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