Giving at Dayspring

We encourage all of those who are part of our Church family to give not out of obligation but out of worship. Your gifts allow God's work to be done in the community and in our Worldwide Missionary support. 

The majority of the Church family give their tithes and offerings in the envelops available at each Service--Sunday A.M., Sunday P.M and Wednesday.  Sometimes our members and attenders cannot attend an "in person" service and that is where eGiving is used and is very important to the Church's continued operation.

Securely Give On-line

Our eGiving Portal is setup similar to your online banking or online purchasing that most of you are familiary with today.  We want you to be confident that your information is held securely by an SSL encrypted connection. That means that the transmission of your credit or bank account information is protected during and after receipt by the portal.  Your information will remain private and will never be given away to third parties, other than to process your scheduled contributions.The Church does not maintain any database internal to the Church with any of your private information.

Ways to Give

There are many easy ways for you to give. Including one time gifts and by setting up online reoccurring giving. When you go to the eGiving Portal you can give as a Guest, you can register and create an account that saves time for future giving and you may even setup a recurring gift.  You are in control of how you wish to give, how often you want to give, how much you wish to give and to what you wish to give meaning tithe, offering, mission, service DVD, music CD's and so forth.

We strongly urge every member and attender to consider using the eGiving Portal to ensure their tithes and offerings come to the Church when they are unable to attend.  Only with the continued consistent support of the Church family can Dayspring Ministries (YOU) continue to do God's work.  

Securely Give

Your gift helps us live out our vision to serve the world.

Give Online

Why We Give

In every way I’ve shown you that by laboring like this, it is necessary to help the weak and to keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus, for He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Acts 20:35

  • 2017 Report
  • Giving FAQ’s
  • 2018 Budget

2017 RECAP

The year 2017 was a challenging year with members moving on into Glory and social upheaval continuing to shake the foundations of the Church.  The Pastor stresses that it is OUR mission to share the Gospel, train up the new converts and lift up leadership to press on in the fight to win souls for the Lord.

Our Vision for 2018

In a continuing effort, we are encouraging our members and attenders to look over their Tithe & Offering plan to seek prayerfully God's guidance for their support of the Dayspring Ministries mission.  With God's blessing on your giving plan, we are asking that everyone be consistent in giving. Although we go on vacation or miss Church for various reasons, the Church is there 24/7 for our members and attenders and just like our households, the Church needs funds to keep the doors open. 

For your convenience we have the e-Giving portal here on the website so you can safely and routinely give when you are unable to attend in person.  


Giving FAQ's

  1. All gifts are deemed tax deductible by the IRS.
  2. A report of your giving is provided in January of each year.  These reports are confidential and only seen by you and the Church Administrator.
  3. You can request an accounting of your giving record at any time by request to the Church Administrator.
  4. You can give tithes and offerings at the Church during a service or by using the e-Giving Portal on this Church website.

Report Information

The budget requirements for 2018 are approximately the same as 2017.  The Church needs approximately $8,000/month to just maintain the infrastructure, the utilities and the Pastor's salary.

The Pastor is the only paid employee at the Church.  All other work done at the Church is from our wonderful volunteers who throughout the year help maintain the Church and provide support as needed to the Pastor.

The Associate Pastor and the Administrator are strictly providing service as volunteers.  Without volunteers in every department of the Church we would not be able to function.  Praise God for all of the volunteers !!