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Life Gets In the Way!!!

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There is sometimes that life just gets in the way. I'm not talking having an occasional bad day, I'm referring to life changing events. Events, that we are caught completely off guard from the event that we have no logical explanation of why or what could bring this on!

It is at these moments we can identify with the most cherished kings in Israel's history, David. He wrote the 22nd Psalm before he wrote the 23rd. He says in what is proclaimed as the Messianic Psalm, "my God, my God why has thou forsaken me" it isn't until Psalm 23 that he realizes that God is the one who brings us through things even in the darkest times in life.  

We must not forget that if we shall trust God and not lean on our own understanding, God will bring us through it (Proverbs 3:5-6)!!! 

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Challenging Preaching

 Please watch this video from, we don't usually do this but we need to understand from historic preaching in it's essence to understand what faith in God is important and what God's presence is capable to unleash should we trust him completely!!!                                                         


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