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Foot Prints In the Sand

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Someone wrote the poem Foot Prints. The poem tells of how a pilgrim was walking in a desert place and he noticed the foot prints in the sand where he had walked. In the good places there appeared two sets of prints and when he had struggled there were only one set of prints and when things were good again, there were again two sets of prints. The pilgrim asked the Lord about this and the Lord replied "When you were in a good safe place that was when I allowed you to walk beside me". The Lord continued, "when you needed me most I carried you, and then when I saw it was safe for you again I let you walk beside me again".

We often forget that Jesus is the good shepherd, and he tenderly watches over us allowing us to walk with him. And guiding us he leads us beside still waters and pastures that are green. But when we've wondered too far away, he places us upon his shoulders until he determines when it is best to walk with him again safely. Remember He doesn't love us with a superficial love but with one that goes beyond our comprehension. Are you wondering where he is sometimes? Have you wondered away from him and fallen? We'd love to hear from you to encourage you that his grace is extended to you write us and let his love surround you!!! 

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Molehills Out of Mountains

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Jesus told his disciples to look at the mountain, and then told them if they had as little faith as the grain of a mustard seed, they could tell the mountain to be removed and it would be cast into the sea.

We know that spiritually speaking we see mountains in our live that seem to insurmountable to climb let alone be removed. But faith is not based upon our ability, but rather who we have faith in. The Bible tells us that what is impossible with man is not impossible with God. In fact it goes on to say that With God all things are possible. We must remember that placing our faith in God activates the power that God has in our lives and he then by our faith in him removes the mountain that seemed so incredible and removes it into the sea out of our way!!!

Are there mountains in your life that seem too big? We'd love to here from you to help you and encourage you in the faith> Write us a note and we'll respond in love God bless!!! 

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