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In God WE Trust

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Have you thought much about the phrase "In God We Trust"? Or what it even means? We have it on our money, and the fore fathers inscribed it on the future of the nation. But is it relevant today?

We face so many more different problems today than they did in their day. Threats of war and violence, diseases that seem incurable, earthquakes and natural disasters that occur world wide, it just seems that we are way too worried and busy to trust. Jesus said that these things would come to pass before his soon appearing (Matthew 24). King Solomon said (Ecclesiastes 1:9) the is nothing new under the sun. Therefore it is as important to trust in almighty God than ever before. He is the only solution to keep us sheltered in the big and small problem today. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to trust in him with our all our being, that we should not trust in our limited understanding and plans but to chose Gods understanding and wisdom and then he can by his Holy Spirit show us the right and only way that is best for us. We serve a big God and he is the only one that can work in our lives a way that is best for us and the world we live in. Are you having a problem in trusting God? We'd love to hear from you! Pleas comment and we'd be glad to help.   

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Kingdom thinking

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More than anything in his message to the disciples, Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God. He introduced this to them in parables and in his messages and even in his examples. The very thing that he said in Matthew chapter 4 verse 17 Jesus told the multitudes he preached to "Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand" This is not mere theology, but rather truth. The King of glory Jesus is our king and where he is his kingdom, and to all who believe we are his subjects/ heirs to the throne. He came to be our king but we did not receive him, but when he returns all will bow to him, for he is King of kings and Lord of lords!

Are you following his kingdom principles? Are you studying his teachings and applying them? How have his teachings strengthened your relationship with the King? 

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